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Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring Snaffle

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Is your horse heavy on the forehand? This Neue Schule Verbindend greatly emphasizes the signals along the reins from the rider's hands and produces a softer, relaxed jaw and more suppleness from the shoulder therefore promoting self-carriage.

The Neue Schule Verbindend eradicates tongue evasions by creating a channel for the tongue to lie in allowing the horse to soften and relax through the jaw and can also enhance the development of the bend for lateral work and smaller circles.

The mouthpiece is made from Neue Schule Salox Gold which is a unique metal that maintains blood temperature so that the mouthpiece no longer feels like a foreign body in the horse’s mouth, relaxed acceptance of the bit is achieved, promoting responsiveness to the rider’s aids and culminating in a soft, consistent contact.

Mouthpiece: 16mm, 12mm

70mm Rings.

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