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Helite - AIRBAG ZIP'IN 2

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***Approximately a 4 week wait is associated with this item currently. Contact store for more details.***

The new airbag Zip'In 2 is ideal for riders who want to combine convenience, style and optimal protection.

Due to the central zip, the airbag can be worn alone or under an approved outer (Helite, Dada Sport, Oscar & Gabrielle, Freejump ...).

The inflation is very fast (100 ms) and the airbag offers the rider a complete protection of the vital parts: neck, back, pelvis, sacrum, thorax.

Helite airbags are reusable. All Helite airbags are CE certified and come with a 2 year warranty. If you register your airbag on the website you can extend the limited 2 years warranty into 4.


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