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Bit Bar

Welcome to Horse & Hound's Bit Bar!
Have you ever seen a bit for sale that looks like almost exactly what you and your horse need but you just couldn't be 100% sure? You'll never have to worry about that ever again! Take advantage of our Bit Bar and find the perfect bit for your horse. Here's how it works...
Contact Horse & Hound when you see or hear of a bit that you are interested in. Send a photo or as much information as you can provide. If we don't already have one, we'll track it down for you. Purchase the bit and next, you'll have the option of paying a $15 (plus tax) rental fee to have the luxury of using the bit for a 10-day period. At the end of the ten days, return it back to our store if it isn't the perfect bit for your horse. Or, keep the bit and have reassurance that you purchased the correct bit for you two. 
At Horse & Hound we have a wide selection of both new & used bits. This is an exciting new service we provide for our customers. Neue Schule, Myler, Nathe & more! From high end bits to uncomplicated simple snaffles, we have it all!