100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Brick 5 lb

Sale price$19.50 CAD


100% Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Brick for Livestock - Horses, Cattles, Goats, Deers, Rabbits 2.2Kg (4.9lb)

- 100% unrefined, ZERO additive & naturally purest salt for increasing energy and vitality.

- Our Himalayan licks are ideal for any existing holders in barns or on a stall

- Said to contains 84 Minerals and trace elements

- Assist in replenishment of lost electrolytes

As an owner, you can be fully confident that you have made the best choice for your animal's balanced and healthy diet.

Salt makes horses thirsty which encourages them to drink and stay hydrated. More water keeps the digestive system moving, which also means they can flush out toxins and help prevent digestion issues!

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