Anatomeq Upcycled Tote Bag

Size: Small
Sale price$30.00 CAD


Made with leftover materials from our Fit blanket production, Anatomeq tote bags are useful, versatile and give new life to otherwise discarded manufacturing waste.


- Wide shoulder straps provide added comfort
- Inside pocket fits your phone and small essentials
- Machine washable
- Dirt, hair & shavings repellent
- Made in Canada

Available in two convenient sizes.

The Small Tote: The ideal size for carrying your water bottle, wallet, horse treats and smaller accessories. Performs double-duty as a storage compartment for your polos, brush boots and stable bandages. Hang the small tote inside your locker, tack trunk, or on the stall door to keep smaller items organized. 

The Large Tote: Generously sized for barn laundry, grocery and errand days. The large size tote is the perfect size for storing and transporting your Anatomeq Fit blanket. 

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