BR Brackley Flash Bridle

Size: Full
Sale price$299.00 CAD


BR Bridle Brackley is made of high-quality, European leather that is supple and stays beautiful for a long time. It features a softly lined headpiece and a softly lined flash noseband. The headpiece is anatomically shaped and cut back for more space behind the ears.
The beautiful slightly curved browband with black, shiny Stellux™ imitation diamonds gives the bridle an elegant look. The bridle fits nicely on the horse's head thanks to the supple leather. In addition, the bridle contains sturdy buckles with chrome finish and a flash strap with protective flap for the buckle.

  • Anatomically shaped headpiece for more freedom behind the ears
  • Supple quality leather that stays beautiful for a long time
  • Elegant appearance thanks to the black Stellux™ stones on the browband

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