BR Luton Bridle

Size: Full
Color: Black
Sale price$217.00 USD


This anatomically shaped bridle provides a softly padded, anatomical headpiece and an anatomical flash noseband.

The K-Type headpiece “Anatomic Fit” is anatomically shaped and softly padded. This ensures a good fit, a better pressure distribution at the horse’s head and a lot of comfort. The anatomically shaped flash noseband has a width of 330 mm down to 20mm at the sides. The noseband provides a soft padding for optimum comfort as well. The flash strap is detachable thanks to the T-shaped flash attachment.

The bridle is made of high quality English leather which is flexible and durable and fits well.

  • Anatomically shaped
  • Anatomic flash noseband
  • Headpiece Anatomic Fit
  • Detachable flash strap and attachment
  • High Quality English leather
  • Silver fittings

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