Cavalor Equi pH Shampoo

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Cavalor Equi Wash is a mild shampoo that thoroughly cleans the coat of your horse. Cavalor Equi Wash gives a shiny effect to the horse's coat and does not irritate.
Cavalor Equi Wash is a highly concentrated and soft (pH 7-7.5) shampoo that has an important cleaning and shining quality. Cavalor Equi Wash is a mixture of anionic tensio-active elements based on alkylarylsulphonates, which are deodorant and vegetal extracts. It contains no acid or solvent. These properties make Cavalor Equi Wash a product devoted to the health and comfort of the animal.

  • Refreshing and nourishing shampoo
  • Cleans and nourishes for a radiant coat
  • With provitamin B5 and glycerine
  • pH neutral

16.9 fl. oz. bottle

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