Dalmar Eventer Front Boots

Size: Medium
Sale price$134.95 CAD


Dalmar Eventing Front Boots have been manufactured using F1 technology helping to create an aerodynamic and mechanically superior design. Three main factors contribute to the success of these boots in fast-paced competitive horse sports:

  • Carbon Strike Plate Lightweight and ultra durable, this carbon plate provides superior protection for your horse’s tendons, suspensory ligament, cannon bone, and fetlock joint with protection from over reaching and hard hitting jumps.
  • Secure Fit A single fastener provides added security to prevent any slipping or rotation of the boot when applied correctly.
  • Air Cooling Ventilation Rather than insulating the heat within the leg, Dalmar Eventing Boots have a vent system which takes advantage of fast moving, cold air using it to cool your horse’s tendons during face-paced work.

By Horseware

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