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EnviroEquine ElectroBalance - Horse & Hound Tack Shop & Pet Supply
Horse & Hound Tack Shop & Pet Supply

EnviroEquine ElectroBalance

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Horse owners want to give their horses the very best care and that includes a healthy, balanced diet for optimum performance. Electrobalance, with its key electrolytes and organic minerals, is an important part of that diet. It's an all-natural supplement you can feel good about giving your horse. 

ElecrtroBalance provides levels of electrolytes to aid in electrolyte replenishment. And unlike other electrolytes on the market, ElectroBalance contains no sugar or fillers. Horse sweat is hypertonic compared to blood meaning the concentration of electrolytes in their sweat is greater that in their blood. As a result, periods of intense sweating can leave a horse at risk of electrolyte depletion. Not only will this result in decreased performance, but it may also have negative health implications. ElectroBalance is designed to replace these losses. 


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