HHP Pure Neatsfoot Oil
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HHP Pure Neatsfoot Oil

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Improve the look and performance of your tack with HHP Pure Neatsfoot. This 100% pure, cattle derived neatsfoot oil soaks deeply into leather to moisturize, condition, and protect to prevent cracks and stiffness and keep leather supple and pliable for longer. Simply polish this oil into the surface of your tack before or after exposure to help break-in the new or extend the life of old leather. 

Key Benefits

  • 100% pure neatsfoot oil: Purified oil rendered from cattle bones effective in moisturizing and conditioning leather.
  • Easy-to-use: Simply polish into leather, the oil will soak in deeply to help keep your tack supple and pliable.
  • Works on new and old leather: May be used to break in new tack or maintain the old.
  • Notes on use: May darken leather, especially light oil tack. Not intended for suede, nubuck, or napped leather or on tack that is not intended to stretch

1 quart

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