Fiske’s Skin & Wound Salve

Size: 8oz
Sale price$29.95 CAD


It is 100% natural product, 100% safe, 100% affordable and 100% trusted.

Fiske’s is a 100 year old veterinarian designed formulation that has been recommended by livestock professionals and farriers for over a century. It’s multi-use functionality makes it unique and separates it from other products. Typically the consumer purchases one product for each treatment need, Fiske’s is unique as it is formulated to assists in recovery for a multitude of topical veterinarian needs.

Fiske’s Animal Care Products are a blend of ALL NATURAL ingredients that contribute to the overall effectiveness as it treats mud fever, scald, scratches, ringworm, mange, rain rot, itchy tail, sweet itch, dandruff and MORE – quickly and easily. It is not just one active ingredient but the combination of antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic ability fighting agents. It was designed 100 years ago when one medicine was used to treat a variety of problems rather than having a specific treatment for each condition as is more common today.

Fiske’s is often used for all these uses (and More!)

• Scratches
• Mud Fever
• Hot Spots
• Dandruff
• Itchy Tail & Mane
• Proud Flesh
• Girth Boils
• Scald
• Sweet Itch
• Mange

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