Fleck Carbon Composite Feldmann Balance Dressage Whip

Size: 110cm
Sale price$49.00 USD


The Fleck Feldmann Carbon Balance Whip is the perfect choice for the high performance dressage rider. This carbon composite dressage whip is extremely light and durable making it perfect for multiple rides per day. The unique balance handle allows the whip to sit at the correct angle in the rider's hand without adjustment.

Fleck is a German-based manufacturing company who only uses the best materials, manufacturing precision and well-matched designs in the production of Fleck riding crops and whips to produce attractive and unique products that meet the highest demands of equestrian sport.

  • High performance dressage whip
  • Carbon composite
  • Extremely light & durable
  • Balance handle

Due to the nature of this item we may inquire for special shipping details.

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