Groomi Shedding Tool

Color: Pink
Sale price$24.95 CAD


Groomi’s innovative shallow, wide toothed comb is suitable for coat’s that shed and is incredibly effective in removing nastiness while giving nothing more back than a pleasant brushing.

We give you peace of mind that you’re doing exactly what’s best for your pet while causing them no discomfort – quite the opposite in fact, they love it!

  • Made of a partially recycled, durable polypropylene material with a rubber grip – super comfortable to use even with larger animals

  • Stainless steel combs that won’t rust if left outside (we didn’t think you’d want to brush a horse inside)

  • Replaceable combs that still last a minimum of 18 months

  • No other tools needed, combs can be removed easily with another one

  • Quickly and easily remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff!

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