Henry Wag Equine Glove Towel

Sale price$32.95 CAD


The Henry Wag Equine Glove Towel is made using top quality, soft and highly absorbent microfibre which is extremely effective at removing dirt and water from your horse’s coat, lower legs and head. It absorbs more water and dries more quickly than regular towels.

Our Equine Glove Towel can be used wet or dry. It can be used wet to wash your horse’s coat removing dirt and loose hair or dry to remove moisture around the ears and eyes and is great for cleaning sweat after removing your saddle.

Ideal to use after a wet and muddy ride or at events where washing isn’t always possible, to remove mud and moisture reducing the risks of infection and sores. A great addition to the rider’s grooming bag.

Easy to use, the soft material does not pull the hair and gives a silky sheen to the coat. Our gloved ends incorporate finger stitching for greater control while grooming. Perfect for ponies or smaller horses. Washable at 30 degrees.

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