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Hoof Power

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If you have a horse with "bad feet," don't despair.  He just needs the nutritional strength  of Hoof Power.  It provides all the essential nutrients your horse needs to grow strong, tough hooves.  Hoof Power contains supplements like Biotin, Methionine and the often overlooked critical components Zinc, Cooper and five essential Amino Acids.  The wall of the hoof is a dermal tissue, much like skin and hair.  Dermal tissue is considered an organ, and it is one of the hungriest when it comes to nutrients.  Many of the necessary nutrients are ingested and processed naturally by horses on a balanced diet.  However, most horses hooves can be made much stronger with correct supplementation.  Contrary to popular opinion, Biotin or even Biotin plus di-Methionine is not the magic answer to every hoof problem.  Growing healthy hooves is a complex process that can't be accomplished by focusing on only one or two vitamins, minerals or amino acids.  Each horse is very much an individual, and thus each one's needs will vary, meaning a comprehensive hoof supplement will offer the best results.

HoofPower is a broad-spectrum supplement containing a generous amount of all the key vitamins and minerals necessary for hoof growth.  Besides wonderfully strong hooves, you can expect to see the significant benefits, like a longer, fuller mane and tail and a shinier, stronger and healthier coat that's more resistant to bacterial and fungal infections.  These changes will become apparent within a few short weeks; however, it takes months to grow completely new hooves... so be patient.  It will happen!

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