Horze Equinavia Cool Relief Therapy Ice Wraps

Color: Black
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  • Treat Injury and Swelling: Each wrap contains 24 gel pouches which can be frozen beforehand and used to reduce leg pain and inflammation after exercise or injury.
  • Effective Cooling: The wraps are extremely effective and versatile. They can be used on different parts of the leg and other areas where you need flexibility for icing. They can also be left in the freezer between uses. The gel pouches remain soft and comfortable when frozen.
  • Durable Construction: Each wrap is made from a heavy type of denier nylon which makes the wraps incredibly tough and durable. This way you wont need to keep replacing the wraps and you can use these on your horse time and time again.
  • One Size Fits All: Measuring 16.5 in. tall by 15.5 in. wide, these cooling wraps will fit most horses' legs comfortably.
  • Secure And Customizable: Four elastic, adjustable hook and loop fasteners enable you to create the perfect fit, securely positioned on your horse's leg. A simple Equinavia Logo completes the look

The Equinavia Ice Wraps provide cooling comfort to your horse's legs after exercise.

The Equinavia Cool Relief Therapy Ice Wrap utilizes cold therapy to reduce swelling, heat and soreness in your horse's legs after a strenuous ride or during injury rehab. Featuring four long wrap-around straps allowing for a highly adjustable fit that will ensure comfort and efficiency when in use. Each wrap has 24 individual cooling cells that are highly effective at maintaining a low temperature and that remain soft even when frozen. The heavy nylon shell can be hosed off for easy cleaning.

Sold as a Pair 

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