Horze Rubber Feed Tub

Sale price$45.95 CAD


Molded from the finest corded rubber, nothing matches the pliability and strength of DuraFlex rubber. Featuring a wider opening, with convenient stacking ribs so the buckets are easier to pull apart when stacked. It also has finger grips for easy pouring and inner graduation marks for effortless measuring. Crush-proof, crack-proof, and freeze-proof so you can leave them outside year-round. Features a heavy-duty steel handle with a rugged eyelet and handle connection. Perfect for feeding multiple horses, ponies, and other livestock.


  • Durable rubber feed skip
  • Wider opening
  • Heavy duty handles
  • Capacity markings in quarts, gallons and liters
  • Easy to stack and pull apart
  • Resists cracking
  • Resists collapsing from weight of liquids and the normal abuse by horses
  • Uses: watering, feeding, maintenance and general-purpose use around the farm, home or industry
  • Volume: 2.64 gallon (10 liter). Outer diameter: 16.2 in (41.5 cm) Depth: 5.5 in (14 cm).

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