JIN Dressage Stirrups

Color: Silver
Sale price$320.00 CAD


The Dressage Stirrup is a brand new technical stirrup, designed specifically with the dressage rider in mind. 

Like the Anatomic, its patented, ergonomic foot bed provides additional stability to the outside of the rider's foot to aid in side-to-side pronation and to provide additional support for the ankle and knee joints. The Dressage Stirrup by JIN has a larger, thicker foot pad, resulting in more weight when compared to other JIN models.

The Dressage Stirrup by JIN is available in traditional silver, black and two Precious options. 

Dressage Stirrups are sold as a pair.
Material: aluminium
Weight: 520 gr.
Tread size: 122 mm long x 55 mm

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