Jolly Pets Fat Tail

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Jolly Pets Fat Tails Billy Goat Dog Toy is super soft and super durable. This toy is meant for dog’s that love to play but also dog’s that love to cuddle. Great for shaking, tossing, tug-a-war, squeaking or cuddling, this is the perfect toy to have in your house. With plush in the head and tail, it provides great grip for dogs to pull during a multi-dog game of tug. The patented squeaking assembly allows the billy goat to squeak when pulled from both ends.

Jolly Pets Fat Tails Billy Goat Dog Toy also has a crinkle sound built into the body that all dogs love. Whether it’s time to play or time to cuddle, this fuzzy billy goat will “baaaahhg” for your dog. Comes in small or large, great for all sizes and breeds. Ships Canada-wide.

Why We Recommend Jolly Pets Fat Tails Billy Goat Dog Toy:

  • Great for cuddle time
  • Durable
  • Squeak and crinkle
  • Comes in small and large
  • Machine washable

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