Kong Wild Training Dummy

Sale price$32.95 CAD


KONG Shieldz Wildz Dummy toys are ultra-strong training tools. Triple thickness and airtight, they are ideal for long, epic aquatic fetch sessions to develop hunting and diving skills while satisfying natural instincts during interactive play. The high-tech material on the bottom parts makes the toys float better, making them easy prey. These sturdy toys are heavier than most other toys for added strength and better throws. They include a sturdy, 8-inch-long braided rope for better distance casting and healthier physical activity.

  • Ultra-strong, triple-thick, perfectly airtight training tools satisfy recovery instincts.
  • A kind of braided rope 8 inches long for better distance throws and healthier physical activity.
  • Toys that float for water play sessions.
  • A suitable shape which makes the toy easy prey.
  • Ideal for developing hunting and diving skills.

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