LubriSynHA Plus with MSM

Size: 16oz
Sale price$89.95 CAD


LubriSynHA Plus, which is still a hyaluronic acid supplement, has now added MSM to increase the relief of joint pain in all companion animals and performance animals.

Some of the key advantages to having MSM combined with High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid are as follows:

*MSM promotes detoxification and anti-inflammatory pathways*

  • MSM and HA together have a very good synergistic effect.
  • MSM for joints acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • MSM helps to produce DMSO that helps to neutralize free radicals that are part of theinflammatory response.
  • MSM will help the HA in LubriSyn not to breakdown.
  • MSM works very quickly.
  • Very good for older animals with pre-existing conditions.
  • Very efficacious for young animals.
  • The sulfur part of MSM is a very power anti-oxidant.
  • MSM helps the body make more of its own anti-oxidants.
  • Bone and joint care.
  • Skin and hair benefits.

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