Snoozer® Luxury Cozy Cave® Dog Bed

Size: Small
Color: Piston Storm
Sale price$113.00 USD



  • Exterior Fabric: Show Dog Microsuede
  • Interior Fabric: Sherpa
  • Cleaning & Care: Machine-washable removeable cover
  • Bed Filling: Cedar/poly fill for not only comfort but odor fighting and flea/tick repellent 
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty

*PLUSH COMFORT. This Sherpa lining is oh so soft and snuggly! Your dog will love the snuggly softness of this Sherpa dog bed, which helps your dog relax in supreme comfort for truly restorative, restful sleep.

*WARM YEAR-ROUND. Our luxurious fabric in our Sherpa dog beds retain heat well, so your dog will stay warmer, especially during the cold winter months! The heat retention capability of Sherpa fabric is especially ideal for smaller, older or shorter haired dogs who tend to get cold easily or who enjoy burrowing underneath the covers.

AN EXCEPTIONAL & ULTRA COMFORTABLE DOG BED FILLING. For dogs who love plush beds! The polyester in our cedar-poly fill is super soft, which means it provides superior comfort for better sleep, any time of the day or night.

*A FRESH, ODOR-FIGHTING FILL. The aromatic cedar wood in our cedar dog bed absorbs odors for natural odor control, which means that your dog’s bed stays fresher for longer and so does your home!

*ANTI-FLEA AND TICK. Cedar is a natural repellent to fleas and ticks, which means our cedar dog bed is a simple and effective way to help keep your dog safer from diseases carried by fleas and ticks that end up inside the home.

*HAPPY DOG. Dogs need high-quality sleep, too! Our Show Dog microsuede is a luxuriously soft to the touch fabric, which means your dog can relax in cozy comfort for the ultimate restful and cozy sleep.

*ULTRA LONG-LASTING. Our Show Dog microsuede dog bed is seriously top-of-the-line and is built to last. This super strong and durable microsuede cover has a double rub count of at least 100,000. (What does that mean? A good double rub count for heavy duty home use is 15,000 , so 100,000 is truly extraordinary!) The Show Dog microsuede cover is upholstery grade fabric, made to handle heavy daily use for years and still look great, which means your dog will be able to enjoy it for longer, and you’ll save money with a high-quality dog bed that holds up for years.

*EASY TO CLEAN. No more dirty, smelly dog beds – our microsuede dog beds are stain-resistant, water-repellant, and machine washable, too! Just remove the easy-off zippable cover to wash cold, then hang dry. Easy to keep clean means your dog always has a clean, safe place to snooze and your home will smell fresher, too.

*LUXURIOUS LOOKS. Who says a dog bed can’t be beautiful? The beds in our Show Dog line are made to go beyond the typical dog bed to become a welcome and stylish part of your home. Our top-of-the-line Show Dog microsuede dog beds come in a variety of handsome fabrics, which means your dog’s bed will fit into your decor and look stylish, no matter what part of the house it goes.


  • Small:
    • Diameter: 25 inches
    • Sidewall: 4 inches
    • Hood Height: Approx. 8 inches tall
  • Large:
    • Diameter: 35 inches
    • Sidewall: 4 inches
    • Hood Height: Approx. 8 inches tall
  • X-Large:
    • Diameter: 45 inches
    • Sidewall: 4 inches
    • Hood Height: Approx. 8 inches tall


  • Piston Storm (Light grey exterior, White speckled-grey interior)

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