Neue Schule Demi Anky Loose Ring

Size: 5"
Mouthpiece Width: 16mm
Sale price$151.00 USD



This bit design is very beneficial for horses that back off or only offer an intermittent contact, or for the very rare occasion when a horse does not find a lozenge comfortable.

Although single jointed, this bit is ergonomically designed to eradicate the ‘nutcracker’ action and consequent problems that the traditional straight-armed single jointed snaffle often causes.

The cleverly curved mouthpiece prevents it from moving too far forward and sweeps slightly away from the corner of the lip to lessen any chance of rubbing. The curvature down towards the bars achieves a gentle more even weight bearing surface in the mouth reducing pressure on the thinner more sensitive part of the tongue.

Ring Size 70mm. Please call for 55mm

Dressage Legal- Y

Please allow 1-2 week ship time

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