Ogilvy Memory Foam Half Pad

Type: Jumper
Colour: White
Sale price$199.00 CAD


A half pad unequalled in comparison, it combines the V-top shape and anti-friction materials with removable MemoryFoam pads. The MemoryFoam acts as a buffer that fills any voids between the saddle and the horse, stabilizes the saddle, and provides shock-absorption for the backs of both horse and rider.  The half pad will have your saddle fitting perfectly on every horse, even the custom made saddles.

Recommended by more and more well-known saddle makers in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

A must have for all disciplines where you need special impact protection for your horse such as jumping, cross country or endurance.

Front and back dense foam air riser pad inserts may be added to the existing MemoryFoam sleeve.


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