Omega Alpha Biotic 8 Plus

Size: 1 kg
Sale price$88.00 CAD


Promotes a Healthy Digestive Tract and Gut Flora*

  • Synergistic gut formulation
  • A multi-strained probiotic blend with 9 different species of probiotics
  • 16.5 billion CFUs per 1 scoop
  • Unique probiotic delivery system (protects from stomach acid)
  • Prebiotic (FOS) that promotes the growth of good bacteria, thus supporting healthy gut flora
  • Has kelp and spirulina for essential trace minerals
  • Enhances the absorption of nutrients
  • Source of essential B vitamins
  • Has digestive enzymes to help digest carbohydrates, and cellulose which increases the absorption of phytonutrients from plant material
  • Contains bioflavonoids which are antioxidants
  • Promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract

CFUs - Colony forming units
FOS - Fructooligosaccharides

RECOMMENDED USES: Omega Alpha Biotic 8 Plus is used to change the bacterial flora in the large intestine, and also to promote good digestion and intestinal health.

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