Premiere Equine Crown Figure-8 Bridle

Size: Cob
Color: Havana Brown
Sale price$139.00 CAD


Our grackle bridle is made of the quality leather with a protective sheepskin noseband piece on the join. The grackle noseband is easy to fit and fully adjustable. Made with contemporary white contrast stitching and fancy stitch design. 

This bridle features soft padded lining on the headpiece. The browband is round raised and has soft padded lining. The two-ring grackle noseband is round raised and has soft padded lining. It has a fully adjustable noseband, throat lash and cheekpieces for maximum comfort and fit. It has the innovative 'one piece' system where the noseband is integrated into the headpiece for reduced movement and improved fit. 

Supplied with intertwined rubber webbed reins.

Brown sheepskin. Unlike the white in photo. 

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