Antares Normal Peak Reference Helmet

Size: Medium (56”-59”)
Sale price$550.00 CAD


With its matte black shell and brown or black leather finish, the Référence model is sober and classic. Its timeless design combines with the comfort of a breathable helmet

Helmet description Reference

The Reference collection are the foundation Antarès helmets. Conservative and discreet with black matte shell finishes, silver detailing and the option of black or brown leather components. Also choose whether to have the Antarès logo or not. 

Customize your Antares helmet

If you wish, you can change the colors of the plate, headband and triangle on this model to create a unique helmet. In its classic version, these elements are chrome-plated. It's up to you to choose your own helmet customization colors!

Composition of your Reference riding helmet

The outer shell

The outer shell of your Antarès riding helmet is made of ABS. Its purpose is to disperse the energy from an impact over the helmet’s surface. When your helmet strikes an object, the shell distributes the shock wave by spreading it out.

The helmet liner

The liner is made from EPS (expanded polystyrene). It absorbs the energy by compressing on impact. As a result, the liner becomes far denser and cannot absorb the force a second time as it is ‘single-impact‘. 


Its 4 front vents and 2 rear extractors provide good air circulation. Thermal regulation is therefore improved.

The retention system

This ensures your helmet fits securely on your head and stops any rotation. The harness has 3 or 4 points. These points correspond to the number of fastenings on your helmet. Accordingly, all Antarès riding helmets have 3-point harnesses. The Y-shaped fastening system has more widely spaced points to reduce any helmet rotation. What’s more, our helmets have nylon straps and POM buckles (a plastic compound).

Helmet pads

In contact with the rider's head, the high quality foams allow a perfect fit of your riding helmet and an optimal comfort. Whether your head shape is round or oval, they will complement your body shape. Removable, these internal pads can be regularly removed and cleaned to maintain cleanliness. Made in Italy, they are breathable, OEKO-TEX® certified and hand washable in warm water. 

Foams are sold with the helmet.

Our riding helmets are handmade in our workshop in Saintes

The visor

The European standard EN1384-2017 requires the visor to bend when a load is applied to it. This is to prevent it from breaking and injuring the rider. The visor of Antares helmets is therefore deliberately flexible. In case of deformation, it can be manipulated manually to restore its original shape.

The helmet bag is ideal for protecting and transporting your helmet easily. It is designed in every detail, with a large central pocket and a large zipper for easy storage of the helmet.


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