RDBK Whole Sardines

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RDBK Whole Sardines are a great raw bone option for healthy pets to promote dental health and provide a rich source of dietary calcium and other essential minerals.

  • Ethically sourced, human-grade, and wild-caught sardines

  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all sizes 

  • Suitable for all chewing styles, including gentle chewers, aggressive chewers, and gulpers.

  • Do not cook 

  • Always supervise your pet when feeding any bone

Choose RDBK Whole Sardines as an excellent consumable raw bone option for dogs and cats.

  • Whole Sardines can be fed as a meal replacement, and served semi-frozen.
  • They include meat, connective tissues, joint cartilage, fat, bone and sometimes a small amount of marrow.

Consumable raw bones are typically safe for complete consumption, though individual pets may have specific limitations. These bones can nutritionally boost a pet’s diet and even serve as a meal replacement for some pets. Other benefits include:

  • Source of Calcium: Offers a rich source of calcium and other vital minerals, including phosphorus and magnesium.
  • Dental Health: Effectively cleans teeth and massages gums
  • Mental Stimulation: Provides an engaging endorphin-releasing activity for mental stimulation.

Before you feed a consumable bone, please review the Safe Feeding and Handling Guidelines on the label.



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