Strictly Equine Power Quench - Apple

Size: 2.27kg
Sale price$26.95 CAD


Power Quench is a mineral supplement for horses in a delicious apple flavour. During hard training sessions, horses will sweat to cool themselves resulting in significant fluid and electrolyte losses. In situations with high heat and humidity, horses can lose over 15 liters per hour along with the major electrolytes (Na+), Potassium K+, Chloride (Cl-), and to a lesser degree, Calcium (Ca+) and Magnesium (Mg+). During low-intensity training session, sweat losses of 5 liters per day will contain 33gm of Sodium, 55 gm of Chloride, 46 gm of Potassium. This supplement has a sodium to potassium ratio of 4:1. Can be easily administered by adding to drinking water. Proudly made in Canada. Oral powder. 2.27kg.

  • Mineral supplement
  • Delicious apple flavour
  • Easily administer by adding to drinking water
  • Made in Canada
  • Oral powder
  • 2.27kg

Active Ingredients Per 30gm - Calcium Carbonate (60mg), Magnesium Oxide (240mg), Salt (18gm), Potassium Chloride (6gm)

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