Waldhausen X-Line Anatomical Newshape II Bridle

Color: Black
Size: Cob
Sale price$245.00 CAD


  • Combination of flash noseband & drop noseband bridle
  • Crownpiece with additional ear freedom and softly padded
  • Curved browband with elegant rhinestone chain in the center
  • Noseband and crownpiece softly padded
  • Side fastening of the flash by means of two rings
  • Prevents increased pressure on the nasal bone, enables a more flexible buckling, more nostril freedom
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • 19 mm webbed reins
High quality and elegant - the X-line collection from Waldhausen. 185 years of competence in leatherworking ensure top quality and a perfect fit. For our X-line collection only the finest leather, processed by expert saddlers, is used for our S-line collection.
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